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Danzen 5mg?


How potent is it? Side effects?

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Danzen is just the brand name of Serratiopeptidase sold in pharmacies in India, but you can actually get it over the counter in the US as Wobenzym, Serraphase, Neprinol, etc. Just find a reputable natural health retailer.

It is effective? The claim is that it is an oral proteolitic enzyme that breaks down harmful wastes in the body and is anti-inflammatory, however, no real good studies exist in clinical settings. This particular enzyme comes from silk worms. Nattokinaise, which I believe comes from fermented soy, also has similar claims.

There is the possibility that it could thin your blood, or make it difficult for your body to coagulate blood in case of bleeding, similar to asprin, so keep this in mind if you are already on blood thinners. It is generally safe otherwise, when keeping to the recommended dosage.

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